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Elgin & Hall

With a heritage of over 45 years, Elgin & Hall has an unmatched record for quality and reliability. Originally based in Wensleydale in North Yorkshire, fireplaces were originally created by craftsmen and artists using time-honoured skills and specialist materials. Since then Elgin & Hall have introduced a whole new collection of marble, timber and limestone surrounds as well as a stunning collection of LED electric fireplaces and a range of wall and inset electric fires.

Renowned for both the design and quality of its fire surrounds, Elgin & Hall is a leading manufacturer of fireplaces.

Visit our showroom and view over 250 fires, stoves and ranges at Meridian House, Ford Road, Ford, West Sussex BN18 0BH, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm; Sat 9am-4pm. For more info: 01903 885566 or email