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Firewall® incorporates flueless technology which gives you the freedom to ‘hang’ the fire where it suits you without the restriction of flues or chimneys.  Exclusive to ESSE, the burner creates a flame pattern across the width of the fire window over a bed of glowing embers.

Firewall® is available in both natural gas and LPG, with a choice of sizes. In addition Firewall® incorporates long established flueless catalytic technology which allows you the freedom to ‘hang’ Firewall® without the need for a chimney or flue.

An ESSE flueless firewall® is the perfect addition to your contemporary appartment or home, fitting in perfectly with both traditional decor and more modern, minimalist styles. With the ability to ‘hang’ your firewall anywhere you want, you can make it the centrepiece of your home, or a beautiful accessory.  Thanks to ESSE’s 160 years of stove building experience it’s not only gorgeous, but provides as much heat as you could possibly need. If you’ve always dreamed of owning a fireplace but never been able to find the money or space to fit it in, the ESSE firewall is your perfect solution.

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