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Monday January 29, 2018

5 reasons to choose an electric fire in 2018

If you’re looking for a focal point that brings a cozy touch to your living room, then one of the first options you should consider is an electric fire. Electric fires are one of the more recent additions to the home-heating market and they have some key differences when compared with traditional fires or gas fires. Let’s look at some of the major reasons you should consider having one installed in your home, this year.

1 – Safety

First of all, one of the key reasons that people choose electric fires is that they are a safe option. Electric power is something most people feel very comfortable with and because of this they can feel more relaxed about choosing an electric fire over say a wood burner. An electric fire produces no smoke, or hot flames which means there are less dangers for you, and for any young children or pets that you may share your home with.

2 – Efficiency

In terms of efficiency, it doesn’t get much better than an electric fire. While you can’t beat the roaring crackle of a wood burner, there are many more variables at play and heat can be stifled. Factors such as the type of wood you use and how dry it is can all effect the process, whereas with an electric heater you can be confident that 100% of the energy used is being converted into heating up your home.

3 – Versatility

Another reason that people opt for electric fires is the versatility that they provide. With a wood or coal burning fireplace, there is no way to separate flames from heat – you can’t have one without the other. However, with an electric fire there are often various options for you to choose from such as low heat, high heat or even the beautiful glow of the flames with no heat at all for those warm summer nights.

4 – Maintenance

When compared with other heating options, electric fires are particularly low maintenance. Instead of sourcing firewood to keep your flames alive, you simply flick a switch. You also save on cleaning time and expense as there are no ash or embers and you don’t require the services of a chimney sweep.

5 – Installation

A final reason to choose an electric fire is that they can be installed quickly and without heavy costs attached. Open fireplaces and wood burners are fantastic heating options but if you are looking to save time or money then electric fireplaces provide less of a headache. Occasionally there may be some technical set ups needed, but quite often it’s simply a case of “plug-in-and-go”.

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