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Thursday February 1, 2018

Range Cooker spotlight: Rayburn

Fondly known for its reliability, Rayburns are one of the most popular options when it comes to range cookers and ovens. But, did you know Rayburn has been making stoves for decades?  Read on to learn more.

The Rayburn Story

In 1946 as the ashes settled on the Second World War, Britain had begun the process of rebuilding the nation and soldiers returned home to begin a new and more peaceful life. Out of this came a period of innovation and incidentally the birth of the Rayburn. A clever fusion of a cooker and a drinking water heater, the first Rayburn was invented by the team at Allied Ironfounders LTD at their factory in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire which had, but years earlier, been involved in the production of bombs, grenades and gun carriages for the war effort.

The Rayburn stood out immediately for its efficiency and reliability, praised for its freestanding legs which reduced wastage as they heated the appliance rather than the surrounding flooring and walls. It worked efficiently and reliably even in its early days, benefitting from freestanding legs which meant it heated the appliance rather than the surrounding flooring and walls.

It didn’t take long for the Rayburn to catch on and by the 1960’s they had quickly found a foothold in the UK marketplace. Before long, their factory was producing as many as 1500 ovens a week eventually influencing markets as far wide as South Africa and Melbourne. Rayburn also developed a strong trust and the farming community and even today is known as a ‘workhorse’ for its constant ability to provide heating, hot water and cooking for all.

Building on their classic designs and proud heritage, today’s Rayburns are made from 70% recycled materials making them a green choice for the warmer home. However, they continue to push boundaries with highly flexible and controllable programmes and sleek, forward-thinking designs. However, one thing remains – their combination of hot plates and ovens which make them perfect for every kind of cooking.

For 65 years, the Rayburn has been crafted by skilled workers at their historic foundry in Coalbrookdale – one of the hotbeds of the industrial revolution.  While many of the industrial sites of the area have closed since, the Rayburn foundry endured and is now shared with AGA producing famous cookers and cookware that take up an important place in many homes around the world.

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