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There is nothing you could add to your home that will make a more welcome difference than a BROSELEY STOVE.

Just the sight of the shimmering embers and bright flames will make you especially glad to be home.  Fashioned in either cast iron or steel, it is an object of singular beauty in itself.

Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional or your own personal mixture; there’s a stove to match from the Broseley collection.

The stove in its most convenient form – that’s the electric option. Summon up silent heat at the touch of a button; or simply enjoy the flickering, realistic flame effect if the weather’s warm or the central heating is on. There’s no need for a flue. It can be installed instantly.

Visit our showroom and view over 250 fires, stoves and ranges at Meridian House, Ford Road, Ford, West Sussex BN18 0BH, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm; Sat 9am-4pm. For more info: 01903 885566 or email